I’m Jean Seville Suffield

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Offering You Tools to Make
Purposeful Choices for Life

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  • Return to full mental health through intention
  • Energy ‘up-levelling’ through non-invasive modalities
  • Physical shifts to ease of movement
  • Improved memory to clarity of purpose
  • Radical change from the very first day

Leadership in Business & Education

Discover integrated wholeness concepts, innovations, and practices essential to critical thinking, growth, and productivity.

Quantum Coaching / B.R.A.I.N. System

Restoring natural balance to health: Frequencies, Scalar WaveTM laser, & natural products

Stress Managment for a Happier Life

Reconnect to your innate wisdom: identify lifestyle changes to manage specific stress reactions

Relationships & Choices to Take Control of Your Life

Learn how to manage your own life: knowledge & skills to understand how you can always be In Control

MINDS: Movement Towards Genius

Research-based, interactive, templates to engage students: Powerful insights to present content in innovative ways.



Once we have the knowledge on how to change ourselves, we can bring about change from the inside out. Returning to a sense of balance and emerging as the person you wish to create is the substance of the work you will experience with Dr. Jean. It is always an interplay of ‘systems.’


1. Start with YOU from a place of ‘knowingness’ to a new state of being.
Quantum Coaching including the B.R.A.I.N. system offers you the best comprehensive healing process in addressing the physical body, releasing old patterns, and aligning body, mind, and spirit to help you achieve your life’s purpose and aspire to heights never imagined.
2. Explore relationships that help you become the person you want ‘to be.’
Relationships and the choices you make determine how you handle everyday situations in your personal and professional life. Understanding the ‘WHY’ of behaviour provides the key to taking ‘charge’ to lead a healthier and happier life. Join us for inside knowledge and skill-building. You deserve it.
3. Discover secrets of corporate wellness through thequantumleaders™ program.
Become the ‘learning leader leading learners’ and step into a new realm of preparing yourself and others for the massive information revolution assailing us daily. Cultivate discerning, creative human beings with voice to effect phenomenal growth and productivity. Be ready to eliminate the ‘fear of change.’
4. Engage students to design problems moving beyond 21st century ideas.
The greatest gift we can offer students is to engage them in learning the ‘truth,’ to become critical thinkers, and to provide the tools to discern what is true against ‘fake’ news. Join me in learning the ways that we, as educators, can help students develop into good citizens and lead healthy productive lives.
5. Understand neuroplasticity of the brain in helping youth and parents deal with ADHD and other labels.
The advanced research in neuroscience provides new techniques in helping youth and parents deal with labels rather than seeing the individual in a new context. The INDIGO™ uses quantum physics principles to detect and analyze frequencies and imbalances in the body – the best energetic medicine analysis possible!

About Me

My instructional approach is highly practical and interactive to help individuals begin to integrate and personalize their learning through a wide variety of involvement activities and discussion sessions. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas during dialogue sessions, all of which are key learning tools to bring everyone to the highest level of knowledge possible.

A Reality Check √ for Health!

What is Leadership in Business & Education?

Leadership is embracing learning to lead others as learning leaders. This is a creative process without limits, with the freedom to have a voice and be heard to shape the purpose, vision, and mission of the organization in business or in education. Learning leaders put aside their fears, develop trust, & build relationships for the overall health of the organization

What is Quantum Wellness Coaching & the B.R.A.I.N. System?

New visions for health offering opportunities to “Go for It” and choose Integration of Mind, Body, & Spirit and stress management programs tailor-made for you: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Weight, Creation & Renewal – A Reality √ for Self-Healing, Sports Performance Enhancer, and special needs.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Making Purposeful Choices for Life!