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Frequently Asked

Why is an aura panel important?

The Aura Panel can be thought of as a type of monitoring panel to view the progress as you resonate with the frequencies we wish to balance.

The colours reflect energy moving throughout the body.

Taking a Screen shot of the Aura Panel  at the beginning and end of a session provides new results as to where the Energy is moving.

In what ways is knowing WHY one behaves important?

Knowing the WHY of behaviour provides insight for every person in bringing into ‘awareness’ that individuals can only control themselves. Most systems worldwide are based on external control psychology so understanding, practicing, and integrating the true meaning of ‘control’ offers personal freedom. Courses are liberating in that you cannot force others to do what they do not want to do.

How does the 10 Steps to Dynamic Leadership differ from most leadership courses?

The 10 Steps course is a prerequisite to background knowledge for the only one true transformational course on ©B.R.A.I.N. developed by Dr. Louise Swartswalter known as the ©Brain, Soul Success. As a Mastermind Coach, practitioner of the INDIGO biofeedback system, and as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Dr. Jean presents the beginnings of transformational change:

Leadersip = Learning Leaders Leading Leaders.

What is the essence of the ©Brain, Soul Success and the one true transformational change?

The  B.R.A.I.N. is a comprehensive system of self-evaluation on the path to wellness that connects the brain, body, and spirit in addressing the stressors in our lives in a multisensory way.

This system releases old patterns of behaviour that rely on feelings and emotions that result in high levels of stress in the body.

This comprehensive work on transformational change has proven to help individuals find their soul’s truth and be the person they want to be. Contact Dr. Jean for a private consultation session.

How does your ©MINDS program connect to the Glasser Quality School and Brain-Based Learning & Teaching?

As a brain expert who was trained by Eric Jensen and the Jensen Learning Corporation, Dr. Jean has incorporated the strategies and techniques and major insights on how the brain learns in all that she does. These insights enrich the Glasser Quality School concepts and ©MINDS presents an innovative approach to schools and school systems. Contact Dr. Jean for a free consultation session.

Current Offerings

Aura Panel

Discover your Aura Profile
and how your body resonates
to frequencies.

Insights on the WHY of behaviour

Knowing WHY people behave reveals the ‘secret’ to relationship- building.

10 Steps to Dynamic Leadership

Reduce stressors, obtain clarity of purpose, liberate yourself , and find your soul’s truth. This unique course leads to the ©B.R.A.I.N. system.

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