Dr. Jean’s Journey

Jean Seville Suffield has been in the education field for most of her career, has taught all grade levels, worked in administration as Vice-Principal, Principal, Director of Instructional and Student Services, as Director General and Assistant Director General and on projects for the Ministry of Education. She has enjoyed extensive experience working with several school districts in the Province of Québec. In addition, she has been involved with training in other parts of Canada, the United States, Ireland, Australia, Bogotá [Colombia], Korea, Macedonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Singapore, South Africa, The Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, the Philippines, Morocco, Malaysia, Japan and China.

She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, conferred by the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine October 2, 2013. She holds a Certificate in Educational Leadership from McGill University and a Master Certification Diploma in brain-based learning through the Jensen Learning Corporation. As a senior instructor with Glasser Canada and William Glasser International, Dr. Jean has worked with school communities in helping students understand that they are responsible for their actions. Her experience in Leadership has also been extensive.

Dr. Jean’s instructional approach is highly practical and interactive to help leaders, parents, students, counsellors and others understand their self-worth. She leads clients and participants through a wide variety of involvement activities and discussion sessions that point out their strengths and the qualities each brings to building character and being successful.  Rooted in neuroscience and research, Dr Jean brings brain research to her work in connection to how perceptions create reality. She expands on Dr. Glasser’s total behaviour to assist participants in becoming aware of the emotional baggage they may be carrying, which impedes them on their path to health and wellness. Dr. Jean looks forward to learning and sharing with her expertise and skills with you to learn in fun-loving ways.

Jean’s Favourite Dr. Glasser Quote

Stations of the Mind: New Directions for Reality Therapy, William Glasser, MD.


Universal Oneness – Meditation: Dr. Glasser says:

I personally see the tenth order as a place where essentially we control for nothing but, since this is so hard, perhaps in practice we reach the tenth order is we can control successfully for one very special idea, as when we practice Zen or some others forms of meditation. . . . In this no no-error situation, my guess is that we actually become aware of our reorganization system as it idles along in the background, because with no-error we are not redirecting or acting on new information. My concept is that our reorganization system never turns off completely, and when it alone is operating, as it may be during deep, peaceful, no-error meditation, we experience it as a creative sense of oneness with ourselves and the universe, which we call transcendent (pp. 114-115).