with Jean Seville Suffield, DNM


In my toolbox of a myriad of techniques and strategies, I have found that the GENIUS is a powerful biofeedback tool to reduce stress in our energy field bringing us to a menu of well being and happiness. The GENIUS as developed at M. I. T. and refined by Ryan Williams, whom I have nicknamed the ‘genius’ for his incredible work. The frequencies may be used for a wide variety of disturbances in our field; however, here are just some of the ways the frequencies may help:

  • Stressed – tired – never enough time
  • Overwhelmed with work, family chores
  • Too busy to take care of yourself
  • Your employees not able to do their best
  • Team not working at peak performance
  • Spent lots of money; however, nothing seems to work


The main goal is to provide a means of assessing your vibrational frequencies. The GENIUS is able to compare your vibrational frequencies with those embedded in the software, This device reads the field through a poweful voice engine in exloring the energy field. It recognizes the disharmony to create balance through a variety of menus that offer frequenceis in partnership with the body’s innate intelligence to heal. As a result, we may view what we call our AURA before and after we work through a session with you. AND BEST OF ALL, I may provide a session at a distance as a shape-shifter to broadcast your intention via what we call scalar wave frequencies. He is a picture of an AURA taken at the beginning of a session. Please note that we do not diagnose nor claim to cure any condition.


If you are interested in having a complimentary session with me, then please sign up via the following link providing me with an email so I may contact you.


With loving intentions to you for well being!


Dr. Jean Seville Suffield

International Practitioner in Biofeedback

Quantum Health  and Wellness Coach, NTCB

Author, Presenter, Trainer


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